Warriors prayer

Indíánar eiga stórkostlega menningu sem við fæst þekkjum til hlítar. Sumir tengja þá kannski við Tinna bækur og furðuleg nöfn, friðarpípur, tjöld og sítt hár með fjaðraskreytingum. Bænirnar þeirra fá mann til að falla í trans, sé maður þannig stemmdur. Skoðaðu þessa, lestu í gegn. Hún er á ensku, það hefði verið synd að snúa henni. Hún er sterk svona...og snýr að græðgi mannanna.
A Warriors Prayer
I stand on the mountain up high in the air
A gentle wind blows gently through my hair
Voice and arms raised high in prayer
Grandfather my first father hear the words of your son
Mother Earth my first mother hear the words of your son
I have raised the sacred pipe filled with tobacco and care
I have been sleeping in the dream lodge of our brother the bear
Give me strength as I pass through this day
Give me love to go with the words I must now say
Help me to help the brother and sisters of our land
Help me Great Spirit -for I hold the sacred pipe in my hand
Sacred fire is built -I will stand strong and true
Brother and sisters of the sky how will my words get thru?
The crow flies beside me for crow is law
I hear the message every word of his caw
Hawk flies by his message true and strong
Join the dance - Stand up - Sing your song
The eagle circles up high -his spirit comes inside
Mother - Father -help me are the words I cried
Many times on this walk I feel so lone and apart
There are so many emotions - Great Spirit where do I start
I am only a man standing here on sacred ground
My voice is small - It barely makes a sound
Brother wolf shows me to be one with all
Sometimes my soul feels like a long hollow hall
Mountain lion - Elk - and horse are here I see
Butterfly- Humming bird even brother and sister tree
All are speaking - I hear their words - Feel their pain
Sometimes I feel like I am going insane
But the message is true it has to be strong
The Rainbow is gone -Brother and Sister - This is wrong
Mans greed has taken Rainbow woman away
Stand up strong - Fight for our rights -is what I have to say
Join the dance -hear the drum in you heart
For the time is coming - We must stand together not apart
We must gather at the mountain where our spirits run free
We must dance and sing the song of (Great Peace) for all to see
Go to the people give all you can
For our fight is against the greed of man
Open you hearts - Hold our brothers and sisters as close as you can
Reach out drink these words like you would drink ale
Remember things start small like a raindrop that falls -
but as they gather we have a water filled pail
By John Three Eagles Fly Walden